Labyrinth Life

i walk the labyrinth
try not to overthink it
feel it, breathe it
let it be itself
i see only so far
as the next step
trusting its the right one

i give love fully
to the present moment
trust that every step
along the path has purpose
though it seems to meander
like a crooked mile

i take joy fully
bear witness to the journey
unfolding, savor the sweetness
of singing moments knowing 
they end

i breathe through wrenching
moments, witness the tragedy
knowing it too has 
an end

i walk gratefully
give thanks to
goddess and god

the ones who set
me on this path
this life, i pray
my soul be worthy
of the authenticity
that love demands
some say "this way
is truth, walk in it
our fathers marked
a straight and narrow
highway" any other path
winding its way to 
the soul, not to the
sky, judged folly

and yet

i know no other path
except the one my 
heart has forged

i seek not glory
nor success nor
heaven's gates but
only what love 

then when i have
walked life's journey
full, i will lie down
in that sweet center
in that precious truth

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