Liberation by June

2014-03-13 16.05.47
I’m going for liberation by June
it’s not an original idea
I ripped it off a guy so ballsy
to suggest that what I thought
you had to hush and hold with
receptivity and quiet hope
could somehow actually be
“gone for” like a peak you
set your sights on and attain

I’m going

for liberation by June it’s my
idea now like a map or like
a virus liberation might be
catching and it travels
through the fingers when
I thought it was a thread
you try to squint at through
a needle and the angels
dancing on it will decide

for liberation

I’m going. It’s become a
song now beating rhythm
in my head, if he can do
it, and can will it, and can
make the freedom come
by putting one foot
after one foot on the
mountain maybe someday
I can do it too

by June